Roberto Verino


After centuries of achievements and inaction, border battles and unfair trade, a sensitive and vibrant spirit like Roberto Verino was needed to revive the glory to the local wine.

Verino, the public figure of the Mariño family, is responsible for launching the Gargalo project in the early1990’s and revealing the existence of another D.O. in Galicia, Monterrei. It is at this point in time that Verin and the surrounding area revindicate their winemaking potential.

The Gargalo project is consolidated and wine enthusiasts begin to discover the modern wines of Monterrei.

Verino, passionate about his homeland, in his search for creative excellence and after his proven success in fashion, perfumes, and interior designs, accepts this new challenge of making high-end quality wine.

Maximizing his travels abroad, the designer makes a point of introducing his wines to his guests alongside the new fashion collections. He presents the aromas and flavours of Verin: the potatoes, the octopus (pulpo), the chestnuts and … the wine, his own wine or the “aguardientes” and liquors that combine respect for tradition with innovation while reaching for excellence.

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