This variety is also known as Verdello. It is the most abundant variety in the area. Its main characteristic is the small and compact clusters. Matures early, produces elegant, fruity, gliceric and voluminous wines.

Also know as Verdello Louro, medium cluster and thick skin which lead to late maturity. Wines of this variety are very aromatic, floral, balanced and very elegant.

Called Moza Fresca in other parts. Loose medium size cluster and early maturity. Produces fruity wines, medium bodied and appetizing.

Small sized, loose clusters it is the best known variety of Galicia. In Monterrei it matures early and produces very aromatic wines with acidity that adds freshness.

Long clusters and thick skin make this variety mature rather late. Excellent complement when blended with other varieties due to its marked bay-leaf aroma and high acidity.

The most popular variety of Monterrei. Medium sized compact clusters. Matures relatively late and produces wines of cherry red colour with red berry aromas, persistent and elegant taste, high quality and personality.

The second most popular variety of Monterrei. Large sized, semi-compact clusters. Wines of this variety are purple with intense fruit and floral aromas, good acidity and full bodied. This variety is the local adaptation of the well-known Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero or Rioja.

This variety is also called “Bastardo”. It is low yielding and odd, however, very popular on the other side of the border. Its clusters are small, compact and mature early; adds personality and maturity to the wines.

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